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Private label

From the capsule to the bottle we offer a wide range of customization. We directly integrate within the company marketing creation competencies adapted to your market. Personalized product presentation through technical sheet or vineyard estate introduction. Our label creation involves the latest printing technologies. In collaboration with your marketing department, we work to create your product and provide you with the means to communicate with your customers.

Simaise appartement cosu-Vue 2.jpg

The packaging:

lever to sell a bottle of wine.

Famille carteron
We work with you to create your product/brand. You decide about the design and the packaging materials 
For each project we create a 3D visual so that you can have a concrete idea of the final rendering. All the details of your product are thus mastered upstream during the creation of the project. 
Simaise appartement cosu FENÊTRE-snapshot.png

bold creations and quality visuals to promote your products in a world where digital images are omnipresent.

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